PIIfinder™ will be the latest addition to our NonStop product range.

PIIfinder (personal identifiable information finder) expands on our eight-plus years of experience in card data discovery and gives users the ability to locate just about any type of data.

PIIfinder can help you ensure your sensitive customer data is being stored in accordance with the appropriate authorities and compliance regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS etc.

PIIfinder key features

  • Easily configured to search for any kind of PII data

  • Several FASTscan™ options

  • SIEM integration via Syslog

  • Agent mode option

  • Include/exclude files/volumes as required

  • Configurable CPU utilization

  • Automated searches and reports

  • Scanning of open and locked files

  • Clear reports produced

Beta Testers Wanted

We’re currently recruiting Beta testers to trial PIIfinder before its full release in 2019. If you’re interested in Beta-testing PIIfinder please contact us here.

ExampleS of Data Searched For:

  • Phone numbers and email addresses

  • Social security and insurance numbers (SSN)

  • Government national identity (ID), legal entity numbers

  • Medical, healthcare, personal health records and account numbers

  • Bank account numbers

  • Driver’s license and passport numbers

  • Tax, National Insurance and other government records

  • IP addresses

  • Electoral roll numbers

  • Payment card data

  • and many more